3 Winter Safety Tips for Employees

It is a no-brainer that winter comes with its share of disadvantages, from high business costs to disrupted supply chains. Extreme winter conditions may also result in a spike in workplace injuries. Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common injuries that employees face.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 211,640 non-fatal cases in 2020 are related to these types of injuries.

However, your business may enact safety tips to keep your employees safe, depending on the winter conditions. Here are three winter safety tips for employees that can protect them from injuries and fatalities.   

1. Emphasize the Importance of Self-Care

During winter, basic self-care is critical for your employees. Ensure employees know how to stay well-nourished and covered to maximize their body heat. Employees should wear multiple layers of clothing and make sure they cover as much exposed skin as possible.

Suppose an employee is exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period. Here are some ways they can regulate their body temperature: 

  • It is recommended that they consume foods that take longer to digest as they aid in raising body temperature through thermogenesis. These foods include ginger, bananas, coffee, sweet potatoes, and red meat.
  • Employees should also drink more water than usual because our bodies tend to dehydrate fast in cold temperatures. Dehydration may result in fatigue, dizziness, and headache, all being conditions that may endanger employees who need to stay vigilant.
  • You can help your employees implement a self-care routine by allocating some time indoors throughout the day.
  • Encourage workers to work in pairs so they can look out for each other.

2. Protect Mobile and Outdoor Employees

Employees who work outdoors or must travel are at risk. Ensure personnel who must drive have an emergency supply kit and proper tires on their vehicles. You have a duty of care to properly train them on winter safety tips for employees and provide the necessary tools and equipment.

Most times, outdoor employees will be required to stop their duties till the weather clears. However, employees like electrical repair crews are even busier during extreme weather. This puts the employees in a heightened danger of injuries and accidents when on duty.

Provide employees with a substantive way to call for help immediately. One of the solutions designed specifically for this situation is AlertMedia mobile app. The employee can easily signal for help with this app without pressing any button. During emergencies, the AlertMedia monitoring team dispatches the rescue team to the user’s exact location without wasting valuable time.

3. Communicate Plans to Your Employees

In cases of an extreme winter storm, utility outages that knock power, heat, and communication services can last for days. Ensure you have plans on how your employees will continue with their duties and stay in touch. Confirm that everybody is clear on the objectives ahead of time and don’t leave them hanging during and after the storm.

AlertMedia is the best solution as it has a multi-channel communication system that allows you to send and receive messages instantly across several channels simultaneously, including emails, text messages, mobile apps, and phone calls. Regardless of what device or where your employees are, they will receive the information they require. Even when the channel is inaccessible or down, no one will be left out in the dark.

With this system, employees can also share on-ground information on how the events unfold and request help if needed.

There is no doubt that winter safety tips for employees can go a long way in preventing and minimizing work injuries. Emphasizing the need for self-care, protecting mobile and outdoor employees, and communicating plans in advance can significantly ensure employee safety during winter. 

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