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Getting the help you need with a severe injury is something that often requires legal assistance. With over 5000 deaths nationwide in 2019 from work-related injuries and several hundred medical malpractice claims, there is a growing concern for severe injuries for residents in the Denver area.

When you suffer from an injury that is not your fault but done by either a poor action of someone else or their lack of action, you deserve to be compensated for your suffering. With legal representation, you can get the justice you deserve.

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Types of Injuries That Require A Serious Injury Lawyer

When you think of a severe injury and what may constitute the need for representation, these cases can vary in their location, industry, and different areas of your life. Anything from medical malpractice to a work injury that has caused significant and permanent damage to you is enough to be considered a severe injury. Here are a few examples that may constitute a serious injury claim.

Medical Malpractice

If your health care physician or surgeon has provided incorrect treatment or neglected treatment, that is considered medical malpractice. Before you decide to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Colorado, be aware that these cases are often complex. Strict procedural rules need to be obeyed and your medical records will need to be presented and analyzed. If you feel you have been a victim of medical malpractice the experts at Cave Law can help.

Slips and Falls

When you are shopping in a retail store, dining at a restaurant, or tending to errands on government property, the floors must be safe for walking. Sometimes neglected spills can cause a fall where you require intense treatment, possibly surgery, and rehabilitation.

Animal Bites

Whether you are approached by an animal on your property or attacked during a visit, the damage can be serious and cause long-term damage. Not all pet owners are as responsible as the rest of us, and even if they are, accidents happen. You are entitled to compensation if you have been injured by an animal.

Driving a Commercial Vehicle

If part of your job duties includes driving your company vehicle, then you could suffer severe damages if you are in an auto accident. Even if the collision is not your fault, depending on the speed, angle, and other factors of the collision could impact the overall severity of your injuries.

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Contact a Denver Injury  Attorney 

Once medical professionals have notified you that your injury is severe, you need to immediately seek legal counsel if you have not already done so. There are several damages that you can receive reimbursement for if you win your case. 

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages (if applicable)
  • Property repair (if applicable)
  • Emotional stress
  • Loss of Income

Not only are you entitled to receive reimbursement for the expenses that you have already covered, but future expenses may be expected depending on your diagnosis. Also, many who suffer serious injuries have to reduce their workload or stop working entirely due to the injury. Any paid, suffering, and emotional stress that has kept you from living your best quality life is also considered by your legal counsel when pleading with your case. 

As a result, if you lost a loved one because of another person’s wrongful actions, do not wait any longer. Contact Cave Law today for a free case consultation, and let us show you what we can do for you and your case. 

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