What To Do If You’re Involved in a Car Accident

Car accidents happen within a blink of an eye, regardless of who is at fault. Did you know that the U.S experiences about 6.7 million car accidents every year. The possibility of getting involved in a car accident is, therefore, relatively high.

However, what happens when you get involved in a car accident? It is always nice to be prepared for anything when you hit the road. Following the guide below will help you minimize damages in the unfortunate event that you get into a car accident.

1. Inspect Cuts and Bruises

Your safety and the safety of other passengers are the first consideration right after an accident. Understand that some car accidents cause serious injury that needs immediate medical attention. Inspect your entire body for any cuts and bruises before walking out of the vehicle.

When passengers are critically injured, hold them in a stable position until help arrives. Neck and spine injuries, for example, can be permanent if there are any wrong movements. It will also help if you attempt any familiar first aid measures.

2. Avoid Tampering with the Accident Scene

The events after a car accident are usually filled with a lot of confusion and panic. Try to maintain a level head, regardless of how everything might seem. Always remember that you need to preserve everything as it is.

Leaving the car accident scene untampered will help with insurance procedures and police investigation. It will also help if you set up flares and open up flashers to alert other motorists on the road. Ensure that no one tampers with the accident scene until the local authorities arrive.

3. Always Contact the Authorities

Most people make the colossal mistake of not contacting the authorities when there are no severe damages. However, these people forget that accident claims lack credibility without police involvement. Interestingly, it is a requirement in some states to contact law enforcement after every accident.

The unbiased testimony of a police officer can make a huge difference in your claim. Did you know that some insurance companies offer zero coverage unless you attach an official police report? Ensure you clearly explain the events leading to the car accident when police officers arrive at the scene.

4. Consider a Medical Check-up

Although some injuries are noticeable immediately after the accident, others take hours and days to surface. Having a medical check-up right after the incident is, therefore, paramount. Do not skip this step because they are no visible injuries. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health.

Getting a medical check-up also acts as evidence in the court of law. The car accident will be responsible for any severe injuries that surface after a few hours or days. Note that you will have to provide a medical report when filing a claim.

5. Contact a Denver Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents lead to financial loss in one way or another. Understand that significant losses will multiply the severity of the situation 10-fold. It is, therefore, vital to contact a specialized accident attorney right after the accident. Without legal help, insurers and other parties might persuade you to admit partial responsibility for the incident.

Always keep quiet if you are unsure of what to say after the accident. Call an attorney and explain the situation as precisely as possible. It is especially crucial to contact an attorney when you experience a personal injury. Contacting an attorney will guarantee that all claims of negligence on your part are rendered baseless.

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