How to Handle a Work-Related Injury in Colorado

According to The Denver Post, at least 14 deaths occurred in 2017 at workplaces due to trips, falls, and slips. It also shows that the number of fatalities was higher in the transportation and construction sectors. 

Unfortunately, some work-related injuries are inevitable and may often occur no matter the business owners’ level of precaution and safety. 

If you were involved in a work related injury or have a loved one that lost their life due to work-related accidents, it is imperative to know what steps to take. In some cases, the employer will be held responsible for the injuries or death and pay for the injuries and other damage caused. Read on to learn how reporting works. 

Determine Whether Your Injury is Work-Related 

If you decide to report your case, you first need concrete evidence showing that your injuries are work-related. This means that you got injured while at work. It could be in the office, during company picnics, parties, or in the field, as long as you were working for your employer at the time of the accident. 

Also, it would be best to understand your employer’s policy on work-related injuries. Having the right information will help you determine whether your injury is covered under worker’s compensation or not. If you do not understand the work-related injuries, you can contact a Colorado personal injury attorney to advise you. 

What to Do When You Get Injured at Work

Once you understand the kind of injuries covered under worker’s compensation by your employer, you can now take the next step towards your compensation. It is best to act faster because filing for a claim has timelines in Colorado, and your case may be thrown down the drain if you delay. 

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

Your health is important and comes first after an injury. This is why you first need to seek treatment before anything else. Visit your doctor for a medical check-up to determine the severity of the injury and advise you on the best treatment. This will help you stabilize faster and pursue your case well. 

Step 2: Report the Injury to Your Employer

Colorado laws state that an employee should report work-related injury to the employer within four days. It is best to report in writing to be safe should the administrative judge need evidence showing that you reported on time. If you report verbally, you may not be able to confirm that you did it on time. Here is crucial information to include in your report.

  • Where the injury occurred
  • Accident cause
  • Date and time the accident occurred
  • How the injury happened 
  • Injured body parts

You don’t have to give a long statement. Just detailed information is enough to show what happened. However, make it more clear and specific, then send the report to your employer through email. Your employer should file the document in your file for future use. 

Step 3: File Workers Claim 

The second step is filing the workers’ claim for compensation within two years of the date of injury. However, it is best to talk to your worker’s compensation attorney before you proceed further. The attorney will ask you to fill out a WC-14 under the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation and advise you further. You can get the form online from the division’s website and fill it with the help of your attorney. 

Have a Work-Related Injury? Discuss with a Colorado Worker’s Compensation Attorney Today 

Pursuing a work-related injury claim may take months or years, especially when you do not have the proper legal representation. Talk to us as soon as possible, and we will answer all your questions concerning your work-related injury and worker’s compensation.